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Pakistan is a land blessed with the most suitable climate and conditions that are required to grow quality fruits and crops. Mangoes are the king of fruits, when it comes to Pakistani mangoes they are not only nationwide the most widely loved and celebrated but they are even exported alongside other fruits to foreign countries where they are equally enjoyed and loved by the people. Why are the Pakistani mangoes so popular? This article gives some of the insight that proves why are these mangoes are loved worldwide:

The Wide Variety

First thing when we notice in Pakistani mangoes is that they are not of a single type. In fact, there are among 1595 varieties of mangoes known to us, however, only 25 to 30 are being grown on a commercial scale in the state. Various types of mangoes that vary in shape, sizes, and tastes are cultivated across nature blessed lands of this nation. Namely, these are: Sindhri and Almas have made it to the international fruit markets of United Arab Emirates, these are known for their golden color as well as size and taste. Alongside these Dasheri, Anwar Ratol, Chaunsa and Kala Chaunsa from Pakistan are also exported to UAE. Red king, Sunehri, Bahisht, Toota Pari, Fajri, Neelum, Alphanso, as well as Langra mango are the most popular ones amongst the various species grown.

The Desirable Qualities

Chaunsa Mango is amongst extremely high-quality mango species and is very sweet in taste; it is soft in its texture and is also succulent and fleshy with low amounts of fiber. Sindhri mango is a variety that is lemon yellow, which also has a yellow cadmium flesh when it is ripe. It is oval and long in its shape, with an aromatic and sweet taste. Anwar retool is known for its juicy nature. Similarly, other varieties of mangoes are also known for its good features Sunehri mango is also known for its larger size. When it comes to shape and size langra mango is a relatively small-sized mango which is green and tastes sweet as well. The variety and desirability of traits that are cultivated in this land attract a huge international market in contrast to the mango loving nation of Pakistan.

Mango Delivery in Pakistan

Aid to Economy

Statistically, Pakistan is the 5th largest producer and 3rd largest mango exporting nation in the world. Alongside being a great pleasure to the nation mangoes are also helping to aid Pakistan’s economy. Pakistani mangoes hold a prominent place in the international fruit market as the soil and climatic conditions of the state are capable of production and supplies of good quality fresh mango over a period of about 5 to 6 months annually. Langra mango has a great demand in Canada as well as Europe. Also as aforementioned many varieties including sindhri and almas have been exported to the fruit market of UAE.

Alongside being one of the sweetest mangoes are high in fiber, low calorie alongside calcium, iron, potassium, a little protein and are vitamin-rich fruits that are enjoyed. Being a land blessed with the conditions suitable for growing mangoes Pakistani mangoes lead to dominate the world in terms of taste and demand.

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