an apple a day keep the doctor away

Does this quote really go according to its meaning? Let explore in this article.

Here I am going to make sure that each one of you will get enough knowledge about eating apples which can help you in enjoying a happy and healthy life.

This special fruit has a lot of healthy benefits to its credit, below I am mentioning a few of them.

  1. Full of Nutrients & Vitamins

Throughout the world, Apple is hailed as a “miracle food” associating a lot of essential vitamins with it. It contains Vitamin A, E, C and B Complex Vitamins in a rich amount. Some researchers and dietitians have actually referred to it as “Nutritional Powerhouse”.

  1. Dietary Fibers

Dietary fibers presented in apples help our body in maintaining proper metabolism. Taking an assigned amount of dietary fibers a day can lessen your risks of falling from many diseases. It will also help in maintaining cholesterol levels in your blood.

  1. Source of Polyphenol compounds

According to the research, Apples are rich in Polyphenol compounds which help us in fighting against the harmful effects of the free radicals presented in our body.  

  1. Useful in weight loss

Eating an apple regularly can lower your risks of gaining weight and even helps you in losing it. After following proper diet including apple, you’ll see results within months. Apples contain some natural compounds which are beneficial for weight loss.

  1. Prevent heart diseases

According to the recent research, eating apples regularly can reduce the chances of having any heart disease. Scientists have discovered that apples possess a rich amount of flavonoids which helps in reducing the risks of heart diseases as they lower the blood pressure and act as antioxidants.    

  1. Prevent Bone Cancer

It is scientifically proven that apples are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that surely promotes bone health and density.

  1. Help Fighting Asthma

The recent study on apples revealed that people who have made apples a part of their diet and are having it regularly can enjoy a good and healthy life as compared to those who don’t. The regular intake of apples or apple juice can help you a lot in fighting against Asthma.

  1. Healthy Immune System

If you wanted to enjoy a healthy life then your immune system should be healthy in the first place. What we can do to make a happy and healthy immune system? Don’t worry, here is the solution. Eating apples with skin can make our immune system strong and healthy. As it contains flavonoid quercetin which regulates our immune system and lowers inflammation.

  1. Anti-Allergic Effect

Due to the presence of flavonoid quercetin, apples are also helpful in protecting our body from different kinds of allergies.

  1. Prevent Diabetes

Polyphenols antioxidants presented in apples prevent tissue damage. It is also beneficial for diabetes patients.


Making apples a part of your regular diet is indeed a wise and healthy decision which we all should make to entertain a healthy life. So, just go for an apple a day to avoid contacting doctors.

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